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Issues Impacting Self-Sufficiency of Women in Clark County

An study on issues affecting women in Clark County

The Women’s Partnership Funds (WPF) sought assistance in identifying key drivers that are impacting Clark County women/girls and preventing them from reaching self-sufficiency and/or experiencing general good health and well-being. It is the hope of the WPF that this list of barriers can be used to facilitate a conversation among community stake-holders and agencies and build consensus around one or more barriers that can be addressed to improve the lives of women/girls in Clark County. To that end, this report identifies 17 of the most pressing issues that Clark County women face based on existing data from county, state, and national sources.

This report utilized existing data that were gathered from Clark County residents as well as comprehensive reports that can be found under the Research tab on the Engage Springfield website ( In 2019 Think Tank conducted a focus group study consisting of 30 women from Clark County and 11 non-profit agencies. In this study, focus group conversations centered on personal assets, needs and barriers, and covered a wide-range of dimensions of well-being. Qualitative data gathered in these focus groups were also, in part, used to identify the 17 barriers in this report.

This post was last updated on 10 July 2019.

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