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Status of Women 2010 Report

A report on the well-being of women in Clark County

The Clark County Status of Women report was a report through a partnership of the Springfield Foundation, the Women’s Partnership Fund, and the Center for Civic and Urban Engagement. The goal of the report was to determine the overall well-being of women in Clark County and how their well-being compares with women in the state of Ohio or in the United States. The report found the overall demographics of Clark County women, their householder, economic, and poverty status, their educational attainment level, and their crime status.

While the bulk of the report was designed to determine the status of women in Clark County, based on the report’s findings the writers also recommended methods by which to improve women’s quality of life. The report recommended devoting time and funds to solving “root issues” the women of Clark County face in order to decrease rates of teen pregnancy and single-motherhood. In order to determine the reality of day-to-day life for Clark County women, the writers also recommended a women’s community survey.

This post was last updated on 21 June 2019.

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